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Working from home during challenging times

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Like every other business in the UK, we're following the government guidance during these unprecedented times. One of the suggestions is to work from home where possible.

We were already conducting home working trials at Companies House which has stood us in good stead. Although working in communications allows us to work remotely, we realise that other roles and occupations will not always have the flexibility to do this.

The home working experience can feel quite alien when you're used to working in a busy office environment. But having tried one day per fortnight, I was getting quite used to it and am now adjusting to working from home permanently.

At first it seems a great idea. No travelling, no interruptions, being able to concentrate on the work in hand. But after a couple of days it can seem a little isolating. So, I thought I'd look up some top tips and advice on how best to manage working from home.

Start your day at the same time

Sound advice. But knowing you do not have that 40 minute commute, a little lie in cannot hurt. Get up at 7 (or whenever suits you), set up your laptop, log in, all set to go. Check emails from yesterday, catch up with the latest conversations, see what's in today's diary.

Have a separate work space

This is a must. Having separate space away from any distractions is important. Hiding yourself away from other family members will stop those interruptions and indicate to them that you're actually working.

Structure your day

In the office environment you'll have a planned schedule for the day, and being at home should not be any different. With today's technology, one-to-one meetings and group meetings are all possible. And of course, keeping in touch with colleagues is vitally important for your mental wellbeing.

Set aside time for breaks

Making a beverage and catching up with colleagues breaks up the day while you're in the office. Make sure you have regular breaks at home and take time away from your laptop for 10 minutes. Which leads on to...

Take exercise

As a regular gym visitor, it's difficult to find a substitute for the treadmill and rowing machine. But at the time of writing, it's still safe to go for a walk or a run whilst keeping a safe distance from others.

Finish work at a set time

This makes complete sense. Having a definite finish time will let you, your family and colleagues know that you've finished for the day. Do not be tempted just to finish something or take business calls outside these hours.

It's important to keep in touch with the latest news while you're at home, and signing up to receive email updates is beneficial. By signing up, you'll be kept informed about any current guidance as soon as it's available.

For the latest information and updates to our services, use our coronavirus guidance for Companies House customers, employees and suppliers. 

Stay safe and follow the government guidance:

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