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File online, file on time

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Hello, I'm Dave. I'll be checking to see if your company is up to date with its filing. If not, I can show you a range of online tools to help you meet any deadlines.

You can now do most things online. From paying bills, booking holidays or buying clothes – it's never been easier.

At Companies House you can do most things online, too. You can:

We've significantly improved our digital services, so it has never been easier to file online and on time.

Our online service has built in checks to make sure you've provided all the relevant information before you can submit. You'll also get an automatic email to confirm that we've received your accounts. We'll send you another email once they've been accepted for filing.

Getting a thumbs-up

Most of us use gestures to reinforce the message we're trying to convey. It can be a simple nod of the head to acknowledge that we're listening or a high five to celebrate something well done.

We frequently use hand gestures to express feelings, especially when you cannot hear someone (not the gestures you're thinking of). One of the most common signals which we all recognise is the 'thumbs-up'. And, of course we know that this originates from Roman times and the fate of the slain gladiator. Or does it?

Common knowledge has it, that the beaten gladiator would await their destiny by a signal from the audience. Thumbs-up to live, and thumbs-down. But very little evidence exists to support this.

The fate of a gladiator, in terms of whether the audience was voting for their demise, was decided by what is known as 'pollice verso'.  A Latin term which roughly translates to 'turned thumb'.  It's likely this meant waving your thumb randomly. And whether up or down, their fate was sealed.

The signal that would bring a relief to the prone warrior was a clenched fist – hiding your thumb inside your palm, forming a gesture known as 'pollice compresso' or 'compressed thumb'.

So, if not the Romans – where?

It’s likely, but not confirmed, the sign may originate from a medieval custom. It was common for people making a deal to lick their thumbs and press them up against one another. Over time this diluted to the act of simply sticking one’s non-licked thumb into the air to symbolise approval.

No matter where the gesture originated, in most countries we now acknowledge the thumbs-up to mean all's well or “I like it” or “that's good”.

Would your company get a thumb's-up?

Dave's online toolkit

At Companies House we offer a range of quick, simple and secure digital tools to help businesses stay on top of their filing.

You can use our online service to check if your company’s filings are correct and up to date. To use our WebFiling service, you'll need a company authentication code to file online.

There's information on GOV.UK about how to prepare your accounts and guidance on late filing penalties. If you cannot file your accounts on time, email as soon as possible. Include your company name, number and the reasons you need an extension.

So, if you're a company director and you want to get the thumbs-up, head to our online filing guidance for more information.

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