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May the fourth be with you

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May the 4th is a very special day in the calendar of many a nerd. This is because the date in question happens to sound a lot like the catchphrase uttered by most of the characters in Star Wars:

May the Force be with you.

Image of R2D2 and C3PO quoting 'May the Fourth be with you'

To mark this special day, I decided to use the free data we make available to the public to see the impact Star Wars has had on the register. So, I opened Companies House Service (CHS) and started to look around the register for companies that were incorporated by a Star Wars fan.

CHS is a free service that will let you search for any UK company or a company director. You can view company data and document images. This was going to be extremely helpful in my mission.

During my investigations, I noticed a correlation between a company having a nerdy Star Wars name, and the age of the director (partial date of birth listed as between 1970s and 1980s). I call this, The Lang Principle of Star Wars Company Naming. And then, this blog took on a new purpose: to prove my principle right, so that I can produce and submit a scientific paper and earn some kind of super nerd award!

I did not bother with searching for an obvious Luke, Leia, Han, Chewie or Yoda. I wanted to find the real nerds. So, naturally, I started with:

Mos Eisley – a space port on Tatooine

Believe it or not, we have a Mos Eisley Ltd on the register.

By applying 'The Lang Principle' to the directors of this company, it’s highly likely the company name is a result of Star Wars fandom. It’s been going strong since 2005, so naming their business after a ‘wretched hive of scum and villainy’ doesn’t seem to have held them back. The Lang Principle of Star Wars Company Naming was right!

Dagobah – the star system where Yoda hid from the Jedi purge

We have multiple Dagobahs on the register.

The Lang Principle would suggest most of these companies appear to fall into the Star Wars fanatic company naming convention. Again, proving The Lang Principle of Star Wars Company Naming to be right!

“I thought you weren’t going to search for the obvious ones!”, I hear you cry. And yes – Mos Eisley and Dagobah are pretty obvious. So, I’ve picked one from left field... Dengar.

Dengar – housewives’ favourite Star Wars bounty hunter

We have 2 registered companies with Dengar in their name. I know! I was as surprised as you.

I applied The Lang Principle of Star Wars Company Naming, and only one director of one of the companies met the date of birth requirements. Not a good start. The Lang Principle was at risk of being debunked. Individuals who were not born in the 70s or 80s had named their companies after an obscure Star Wars character! Then I looked at the directors’ names:

Company 1 – DENis Keogh & Neil GARner

Company 2 – Mark & Peter DENt & Peter EdGAR

The company names were an amalgam of their names! The Lang Principle of Star Wars Company Naming was still true.

And, there you have it. You no doubt laughed, you cried, and you learnt some valuable lessons.

Your turn: flood the comments below with any companies you can find, that help demonstrate The Lang Principle of Star Wars Company Naming.

Now, move on... “These are not the blogs you are looking for”.

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  1. Comment by Chris posted on

    Company number 09832464

    Both directors Prove the Lang Principle!

    The force is strong.

  2. Comment by Chris posted on

    Company number 08885695

    Director born in 1971.

    I think your on to something here Barri!

  3. Comment by Alistair posted on


    Company number 05388437

    One director born 1979 (Lang rule), the other 1955 so 22 when the first film was released - likely also a fan...

    • Replies to Alistair>

      Comment by Alistair posted on

      Company number 07662705
      Director born 1973

      Company number 09179979
      Director born 1974

      Company number 10408291
      Director born 1979

      Company number 11131782
      1973 & 1980

      Company number 10386542
      1974 & 1975

      Company number 06759888
      1967 & 1969

  4. Comment by Stacey posted on

    I know Hans are banned... but

    Han Shot First Limited - 10706054

    the mould, it fits

  5. Comment by Simon posted on

    CORUSCANT LIMITED - 06759888

    Director born 1969

    Almost but close enough. I'll allow it.

  6. Comment by Kate Rothwell-Jackson posted on

    Nabuh Energy Ltd - 09812753

  7. Comment by Julian Cohen posted on

    DARTHVAIDER LTD - 07975000

  8. Comment by Andrew posted on

    Don't forget the following day, Revenge of the Fifth.