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  1. Comment by Terence folwell posted on

    Very interesting

  2. Comment by David Greene posted on

    The Companies House Beta service is great, but abbreviated accounts and abridged accounts without a profit and loss account are uninformative. Please make all companies file their full accounts like they used to. It is not onerous. All companies have to prepare full accounts before they remove the profit and loss account for filing.

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      Comment by Jonathan Moyle posted on

      Hi David,

      Thanks for your comment.

      The law does not allow us to make all companies file full accounts.

      Chapter 10 of the Companies Act 2006 sets out what companies must send us in their annual accounts for the public record. There are exemptions for certain companies, particularly, 'small companies'.

      Section 381 sets out the qualifying conditions for a small company. Under s.444 of the Act those that qualify as a small company do not have to send us a profit and loss.

  3. Comment by Andy Lawrence posted on

    Tanya, Have you just used CH resources to put a free lonely hearts advert out there to business-owning Welshmen with killer abs? Nicely done!

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      Comment by Tanya Lang posted on

      Ha ha. A girl's got to do what a girl's got to do. 😀 Hope you picked up on the subliminal 'use CHS' message hidden within the lonely hearts.